A Letter to AHA Members

November 12, 2014

Dear _____________ ,

As you may know, the Arkansas Hospitality Workers Compensation Trust was formed in 1993 with the sponsorship of the Arkansas Hospitality Association. The sole purpose of the Trust is to provide a quality package of Workers Compensation insurance coverage for our members, who must be members of the AHA. The Trust provides competitive Workers Compensation rates, one-call claims reporting, comprehensive and efficient claims management and, as a non-profit, the return of all profits to our members.

Although we started as a pretty small group back in 1993, we have grown to represent 130 business entities and 400 locations. Our members include restaurants, hotels and resort properties throughout the State of Arkansas.

Since the Trust was formed, we have distributed nearly $5,000,000.00 back to our members which represents over 27% of all premiums paid. Distribution of profits to our members is made each year.

The Trust is not an insurance company. The Trust is protected from catastrophic losses through a commercial “excess insurance” policy for both individual and aggregate claims. Your local insurance agent may offer coverage through the Trust as part of your total insurance package and receive their commission from the Trust.

The AHWCT is committed to creating and maintaining a safe workplace environment for its members’ employees, minimizing costs through aggressive claim management, and the opportunity for its members’ to realize considerable savings of their Workers Compensation premium dollars.

Being a member of AHA has many benefits. Joining the Arkansas Hospitality Workers Compensation Trust is one that will put money back in your pocket.

I would encourage you to call Holly Heer at the AHA office (501-376-2323) for more information.


Gordon G. Gondek Chairman