What We Do

Our Story

The Arkansas Hospitality Workers Compensation Trust was established in 1993 to provide a viable alternative to increasing rates, ineffective claims management and cancellations from traditional profit-driven insurance companies.

Members of the Non-Profit Trust receive all of the “profits,” of the Trust.

The Trust is not an insurance company.

So far, over $4,800,000 (over 27% of the premiums paid), has been returned to AHWCT members who will experience continued savings in future years.  Since the Trust began, the Arkansas Worker’s Compensation base rates have gone down over 50%.  The Trust is protected from a catastrophe loss through a commercial “excess insurance” policy for both individual and aggregate claims.

The AHWCT is committed to creating and maintaining a safe workplace environment for its members’ employees, minimizing costs through aggressive claim management, and the opportunity for its members’ to realize considerable savings of their Workers Compensation premium dollars.