How it Works

One Call Claims Reporting

Whenever an employee is injured on the job, a Workers Compensation insurance claim must be filed. Reporting a Workers Compensation claim requires filling out multiple forms that are required by the State and then determining the best course of action in treating the employees’ injury. All of this has to be completed in the course of running a shift at your business and taking care of your guests.

This process often becomes more challenging based on the supervisor on-duty, staffing levels, time of day and the severity of the employee’s injury. Sometimes the incident is not reported or not reported on a timely basis, which may create other problems for the employer.

AHWCT contracts with a company called Company Nurse to handle all of these problems for you. Company Nurse is staffed 24/7 with Registered Nurses to receive the call from your business, address the employee’s injury and determine the best course of action and if and where the employee should be sent for treatment. Company Nurse will speak with the supervisor on-duty and speak with the employee involved. If your company has a post-accident alcohol and drug screening test as part of your policy, as most of our members do, the employee will be reminded of this procedure.

Company Nurse will then complete the required forms including the required First Report of Injury form and forward those to AHWCT for processing. Company Nurse will also notify the employer of the claim and send you a copy of the paperwork via email or fax or regular mail.

That is all that is involved with claims reporting with AHWCT’s “One Call” process. It is not only the most professional and efficient way to care for your employee; it makes sure that all of the procedural bases are covered for your business.

Company Nurse is the front end of a system that is designed to allow AHWCT to process your Workers Compensation claim and provide the highest quality of care for the employee while being mindful of containing costs that will affect your bottom line.