Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Trust and who runs it?

It is a group of eligible Restaurant and Lodging operators who are “pooling” their Workers Compensation premiums to pay losses. The Trustees are Restaurant and Lodging operators like you. Any decision they make affects them the same way it does you. Their experience and a professional insurance adviser helps guide them.

How financially stable is the Trust?

The Trust maintains significant cash reserves to cover claims and operating expenses. The funds “pooled” by the Members’ premiums are backed up by an “A” Rated Reinsurance Company to cover any catastrophic losses.

Why should I join the Trust?

The short answer is to save money. The rates charged by the Trust are competitive with other companies writing Workers Compensation. The difference is the Trust gives back 100% of any profits to you instead of keeping the profits. The Trust has operated for 22 years and has averaged returning 27% of the premium to its Members. Another way of saying it is that Trust Members have realized a 27% annual savings on this cost.

How do you handle claims?

State Law sets the benefits paid on every worker injury. Every insurance company, group (Trust) or individual self-insurer is required to pay the same benefits on an injury. The Trust employs a Third Party Administrator to handle claims processing, payments for medical services, lost time pay and administration.

I hate doing paperwork. How do I file a claim?

The Trust will provide you a 24/7 toll free phone number for our Company Nurse. If an employee is injured, simply call this number (24/7) and report the claim. We take care of all the paperwork, direct the employee to a medical provider and monitor the treatment so the employee is taken care of promptly and properly. Next to the cost savings our Members say this is one of the best benefits they receive.

I don’t like showing my financial information to anybody. Who sees this information?

The Trustees do not look at any financial information. Your information is only seen by the Trust Manager or an independent CPA retained by the Trust. All of your information will be kept in the strictest confidence.

I’ve had my insurance with my local agent for years and I don’t want to make a change in my agency. Can my agent access coverage from the Trust.

Yes. Just have your agent contact the Trust Manager. The Trust pays a standard commission to your agent the same way as the major insurance carrier that is writing your business. Commissions continue to be paid upon renewal.

Speaking of renewals, what is the history of the Trust renewing its members?

The Trust has an excellent history of retaining its members. Our retention rate over the years is well over 90%. Usually when a member leaves, it is due to the sale of the business. Our experience is that, once a member starts receiving their annual distribution checks, they are unwilling to return to the commercial market.

How do I get more information and/or enroll?

Contact Holly Heer at the Arkansas Hospitality Association (in Little Rock at 501-376-2323) or the Trust Manager, Jim Barnett (in Little Rock 225-6465 or toll free at 800-489-6465)