AHWCT Trustees Photo

Standing (L-R) Jim Shamburger, Gordon Gondek, Dominic Flis. Seated (L-R) Mary Beth Ringgold, Pati Brown

Jim Barnett is Manager of the Trust and has held that position for the past 20 years. Jim has over 35 years of insurance experience.  During this time the membership of the Trust has grown and the Trust has averaged paying a 27% Annual Dividend, as the Trust is

The following are comments from the AHWCT Trustees.

Gordon Gondek, Chairman of the Trust and Co-Owner of Dixie Restaurants, Inc.

“As a founding member of the Arkansas Hospitality Workers Compensation Trust, we joined in 1993. The Dixie Cafe received their first dividend check in 1996, and we have received one every year since. Being a member of the Trust is one of the best investments that we have made, receiving an average of 30% of our premiums annually as a dividend.

Using the Trust’s “Company Nurse” program has made filing a Workers Compensation claim a quick and simple process for our staff and Management.  Just one phone call to the Company Nurse and our employee is efficiently taken care of and all required forms are completed and submitted.  Claim processing and follow-up is comprehensive and efficient with an emphasis on cost control for the employer. You won’t find a better deal in Workers Compensation coverage.”

Dominic Flis, President, Flis Enterprises Inc., DBA Burger King.                

“As a founding member, have been associated with the AHWCT since inception and we are pleased with the level of customer service and forward looking management of the fund. It has been a pleasure to be a member in a group with like-minded business people who want to reduce insurance cost and earn money through the dividend rebate.”

Mary Beth Ringgold, Owner of Capers, Copper Grill & Cajun’s Wharf.

We have three restaurants enrolled in AHWCT program.  Our group has been a member for thirteen years. We are very enthusiastic about the level of service provided.  The Company Nurse Incident reporting system is highly efficient and in turn actually reduces much of the burdensome reporting and the case managers actually track the treatment, recovery and compensation provided to our employees.

We have seen a reduction in our workers compensation insurance expense for the last 7 years in a row.  In addition to those reductions, the dividends that we have received over the years have dramatically reduced our cost by as little as 22% in the earlier years to as much as 48% in the later years, we were fully vested in the program.

In the beginning, it was a “leap of faith” to join the trust, as outside carriers were quoting lower annual rates.  However, the annual return of the dividends over the years has been an extremely productive return on investment.”

Jim Shamburger, Owner-Best Western Winners Circle Inn.           

The AHWCT has proven to be the best option for our worker’s compensation insurance coverage. Even though initially there are no real savings on premiums. I have averaged getting over 30% of my premiums returned to me in the form of dividend payments over the last 18+years!  Therefore, about every 4th year of worker’s compensation insurance is free.

When was the last time your insurance company did that for you?”

Pati Brown, Lodge Manager- Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa.               

“As a member of the Tri-Pennant family of resorts which include Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa, Iron Mountain Lodge and Marina and Self Creek Lodge and Marina, our management team is always researching the most economical resources for our business. When we had the opportunity to join the AHA Workers Compensation Trust, we were delighted to sign up with our peers in the hospitality industry. The dividend checks that our companies have received have more than justified our decision and the rates have remained competitive. Putting all of the financial attraction aside, I think that from an operations standpoint, it has been the guidelines set up by the trust that has had such a positive impact on the way we work with our staff.

We are a proud member of the AHA Workers Compensation Trust and earnestly recommend this to our friends and peers in the hospitality industry.”