Our quick service restaurants have faced a lot of safety challenges in our 20 plus years of operations.  Creating a culture of safety awareness and ensuring the use of personal protective equipment such as cutting gloves and safety pins on devices have helped to reduce incidents in our food preparation area.  We have also worked with our grease removal vendor to make grease filtering and removal a more efficient and safer process.  By eliminating trips outside the store at evening hours we have increased the security of our restaurants while increasing employee safety and morale. I understand the challenges faced by the quick service operator.

Dominic Flis, Flis Enterprises – DBA – Burger King |

We own and operate three very different restaurant concepts in Little Rock; Cajun’s Wharf, Capers and the Copper Grill. Additionally, we have a full service catering operation and cater small gatherings as well as for very large groups. Our largest event to date was over 2000 people. We also have a small gourmet market called the Market at Capers where we feature take-a-way meals, salads, homemade specialties and a large assortment of gourmet items.

Thus, we have diverse operations which allow for many different types of potential employee injuries. We feel that choosing the AHWCT as our work comp insurance partner has been a great decision and we encourage all our friends in the industry to join the Trust.

Our management team is very complimentary regarding the service and follow up provided by the AHWCT. The incident reporting and claims processes are seamless. We particularly like the Company Nurse reporting system. It takes all decision making out of the hands of the management and places it in the hands of qualified, health professionals to assess the next steps when an employee is injured. As well, it eliminates the need for management to process and follow-up on injury reports. The Company Nurse takes care of all those details and the necessary communication with health care providers.

Mary Beth Ringgold, President |