Although operating as a single business, a resort operation is actually more like a cluster of small businesses.

Our operations range from what you would expect at a hotel or restaurant – housekeeping, food and beverage, administrative, etc. – and what you would expect at a marina – fueling tee staff, indoor sales and management staff. But wrapped around that are facilities maintenance operations, not just for our resort but the whole community we serve. Complex waste treatment operations, water operations, multiple pools, dock maintenance, and security operations that extend over 900 acres.

It takes an exhaustive and thoroughly vetted compilation of services and insurance programs to cover our widespread operations, and the AHA Workers Compensation program has given us outstanding coverage from the very beginning of its existence.

The savings that we have enjoyed over the years have helped us to keep a healthy bottom line and the safety programs and counseling have helped us establish a truly safe and professional environment at Harbor and created more confidence in our staff.

Pati Brown, Lodge Manager | Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa |