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Arkansas Hospitality Workers Compensation Trust

Beginning in 1993, the Arkansas Hospitality Workers Compensation Trust has served the hospitality industry in Arkansas by providing Workers Compensation insurance for our members. As a non-profit organization, all premiums that are collected by the Trust and are not used for payment of claims and administration of the fund are returned to the members in the form of dividend checks, which are paid to the members annually.

Since the Trust was formed in 1993 we have returned $4,876,585.00 to our members. Based on earned premiums of $17,982,056.00, that is a return of 27.12% and a savings that no insurance carrier can provide.

The Trust is dedicated to creating safe workplace environments, effective and aggressive claims management for our members, and the opportunity for substantial savings.

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Do You Qualify?

  • Are you an AHA member?
  • Is your P&L solid?
  • Have you been in operation for at least 2 years?
  • Do you own a restaurant or hotel?
  • Is your Mod Factor 1.20 or better?
  • Do you have a total annual payroll of at least $65,000?